How Trison Can Help You
Full Production Design and/or Assembly

Trison is a full service PCB design and assembly company. We will design and/or build your new or existing electronic projects.

Legacy Products

Legacy products are those which are nearing their end of life in full production. These products often do not fit the business model of larger electronics companies to manufacture or service due to lower production volumes.

Reverse Engineering

These products are no longer part of production from our customers; in fact these products may not have been manufactured in many years. Trison will use an existing circuit board to figure out what parts were used and re-create the board. We provide the customer with current design files for their records.

Re-design Products

Re-design is similar to reverse engineering as you have an existing product, however, the design or components may be obsolete. The basic functionality will remain the same but the design or implementation will be changed to replace obsolete components or improve functionality.

Refurbish/Remanufacture Boards and/or Assemblies

The refurbish/remanufacture process begins with the customer sending us non-working boards or complete assemblies. We will troubleshoot them and make the necessary repairs. Many times the boards are part of a complete assembly at which point we will make the complete unit like new. This may be an economical alternative to redesign or reverse engineering.

Contract Engineering

Trison can provide you with an engineer to perform design assistance, engineering configuration and testing. Work can be performed at your location or ours.