About Us

One door closes, another opens…

about_trisonIn 1989, Steve Johnson learned of an agriculture company in Fargo, North Dakota that was looking to have a controller designed. His employer at the time elected to not pursue the request; as a result, Steve engaged two colleagues, Jim LaBorde and Gary Brooks, to design and manufacture the controller in the evenings and weekends in the Johnson basement. In 2007, due to restructuring by their employer, the three men found themselves in the job market. At this point they elected to go into business for themselves and Trison Electronics was born. Operating out of their facility in Hibbing MN, the primary focus of Trison became the support of customers who need manufacturing and support of “legacy” products. Legacy products are those products that are nearing their end of life in production and/or may be unprofitable for large electronics companies to manufacture or service due to lower production volumes. Trison offers design, material management, assembly, and testing of either refurbished legacy or current products.

Trison has more than 100 years combined experience in engineering and manufacturing. Located in the Upper Midwest, Trison serves customers nationwide and internationally. Our experience and the fact that we are customer and employee driven makes us stand out from the rest. Pride and integrity are the backbones of the company.